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Ben & Tamara McKenzie

A short interview witth Max's parents


Ben & Tamara McKenzie

An Interview

Max's parents recount some loving memories of Max and their account of what happened to Max on 6 August 2021. While difficult to watch,  Ben and Tamara hope that their harrowing story will effect change so that other families do not have to face the same heartbreak.

Ben & Tamara McKenzie

An Interview

Duration: 10 mins

Ben and Tamara McKenzie speak condidly about their son, Max, and the need for change in treating hypoxic asthma or anaphylaxis.


Max's Story

Max McKenzie was an otherwise healthy teenager, but died from hypoxic brain injury sustained during food anaphylaxis related bronchospasm. He was talented, happy and loved, with so much to offer to our society over the next 70 years. His death was a tragedy causing unimaginable pain for his family and the broader community. He died in Victoria, Australia in 2021 in a metropolitan, well-equipped hospital. Max entered health care with normal oxygen levels alert and he was able to ask for help in an articulate way. Inadequate emergency health care resulted in Max sustaining unsurvivable brain injury. This site is dedicated to ensuring critical care clinicians, including paramedics, are equipped to maintain a specialist standard of care for emergency management of anaphylaxis and other causes of catastrophic bronchospasm.

Other Videos

Our videos are aimed at informing and teaching best-practice techniques for critical care clinicians in Anaphylaxis and Asthma resuscitation. 

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