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AMAX4 Lecture Series

A best-practice algorithm for Critical Care Clinicians in Anaphylaxis and Asthma resuscitation

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AMAX4 Algorithm

Lecture Series

The rationale behind this algorithm and related concepts are presented below by Dr Ben McKenzie in an hour-long lecture presentation. Ben has been a Director of Emergency Medicine Training for 10 years, a retrieval specialist for 15 years and cares about the standard of Emergency Medicine. The concepts are presented in a lecture that Ben has presented to two thirds of Victoria's Emergency Departments and over 500 consultants and registrars. The lecture can be watched as one video, and is also available in six, 10-minute video episodes for more flexible viewing options.

AMAX4 Lecture

The Complete Lecture

Duration: 67 mins

This video is the complete, one-hour AMAX4 lecture, presented by Dr. Ben McKenzie. The lecture has been presented to two thirds of Victoria's Emergency Departments and over 500 consultants and registrars. This same lecture is also available (below) in six, separate 10 minute sections.

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 1

Duration: 13 mins

In section 1/6, Ben welcomes you to the lecture series and discusses often missed diagnosis of paediatric anaphylaxis, diagnostic criteria, severity grading system: Acute allergy is a continuum of disease from mild skin symtpoms to cardiac arrest.

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 2

Duration: 16 mins

In section 2/6, Ben tells the tragic story of James Tsindos. James was a talented pianist and otherwise healthy teenager who entered a metropolitan hospital emergency department with anaphylaxis/asthma and normal vital signs.  James died 8 weeks before Max because of almost identical problems in care. Ben discusses anaphylaxis treatment from basics to critical care specialist management before arrest.

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 3

Duration: 11 mins

In section 3/6, Ben discusses key anaphylaxis & asthma resuscitation concepts that are a "special circumstance", including parallels with trauma.  He goes onto

- explore the difference betweenb VF vs Hypoxic arrest.

- Why can asthma and anaphylaxis be considered in the same algorithm.

- Recognising respiratory arrest.

- Overcoming the problem of decentralised teaching.

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 4

Duration: 10 mins

In section 4/6, Ben covers the "Maximum 4 minutes" until hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (the first of 10 concepts informing AMAX4, including the topics: "Why 4 minutes?", Martin and Elaine Bromiley, the impact of time critical care, the "Hard deck, Hard limits and an important - and apt - "Top Gun" analogy.

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 5

Duration: 11 mins

In section 5/6, Ben details the other 9 of 10 concepts informing AMAX4 including Why muscle relaxant before sedation, Why ETT and not LMA or Mask, Xtreme Obstructive Ventilation, What airway pressures you can expect, What cognitive assistance you need and Understanding the expected course. 

AMAX4 Lecture

Section 6

Duration: 10 mins

In section 6/6, Ben talks about what happened to Max and understand the timeline of Max's care with paramedics and then the Emergency Department.

Further Information

If you need further information regarding the AMAX4 lecture series or wish to book Dr. Ben McKenzie to present the lecture in person, please complete the form and send us your enquiry.

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Other Videos

Our videos are aimed at informing and teaching best-practice techniques for critical care clinicians in Anaphylaxis and Asthma resuscitation. 

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