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A best-practice algorithm for Critical Care Clinicians in Anaphylaxis and Asthma resuscitation

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The rationale behind this algorithm and related concepts are presented by Dr Ben McKenzie in an hour-long lecture presentation. Ben has been a specialist Emergency Physician in mixed adult and paediatric Emergency Departments for 15 years, a Director of Emergency Medicine Training for 10 years, a retrieval specialist for 15 years and cares about the standard of Emergency Medicine. Ben has refined and published this first online version after presenting the talk in person to two thirds of Victoria's (Australia) Emergency Departments and over 500 consultants and registrars. He has also produced a video applying the concepts in a simulation, produced in real time, of treating hypoxic anaphylaxis and asthma arrest.

Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement, to harness all the sorrow and passion and produce a truly educational package that will improve outcomes for patients affected by the extreme end of anaphylaxis and arrested asthma.  Your primary lecture is filled with detail, real-life events, evidence, practical advice, and bloody good sense.  Anyone who has seen your lecture could not help but learn much from it. 

We will certainly encourage all our registrars to watch it, in memory of Max and James.

- PICU Consultant

Australia has the highest rates of documented food allergy and hospital anaphylaxis admissions in the developed world.

By reforming treatment and providing information, support and awareness, our vision and goal is to reduce deaths from anaphylaxis and asthma in young people to zero.

Max McKenzie was an otherwise healthy teenager. He was talented, happy and loved. Max entered health care with normal oxygen levels alert and he was able to ask for help, but an inadequate emergency response resulted in Max sustaining an unsurvivable brain injury.


Resource Videos

Our videos are aimed at informing and teaching best-practice techniques for critical care clinicians in Anaphylaxis and Asthma resuscitation. 

Photo: Lucy McKenzie

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